1. To calculate how much electricity can be generated by “x” amount of buildings using solar panels on their roofs.
  2. To calculate how much money will be saved and how many years will be needed until a profit is made.
  3. To see if there was any difference from using the solar panels with the included cost of installation.

Reason: The simple need to save money, stay sustainable, and limit usage of non-renewable resources.

References: The following sites were used to calculate the necessary data;

Analysis: Using the Mappler site below, I was able to plot many of the storage buildings and warehouses within the NJTP Exit 8A Interchange Area.  First, I went into ArcCatalog to create my “Storage Building” shapefile for my map.  After I created that I downloaded the aerial photography images from so i can make a polygon of each building and warehouse.  When I finished, I went to the created shapefile and created fields for name, solar panel compatibility, address, truck route, tenants, and area.  Once all that was done, I did all the calculations to answer the objectives.

Mappler Site:

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